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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Jack: Coldstorm is the second, and most recent collaboration project produced by me and Mikey. The map is a bomb/defuse map, again for Counter Strike: Source and is loosely based on a few different maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The plan was drawn up by myself shortly after we completed Pilko_Estate. I had no real picture of what I thought the map would look like when complete, we just wanted a plan so we could start on a project. I took some inspiration from Stockpile for parts of the warehouse, though the only real reason I say I used inspiration from Stockpile is because of the door, and a couple of detailed areas inside

Another Black Ops map that has any presence in Coldstorm is Array. And again it isn't exactly clear where or why. The centre buildings hexagona
l shape was something I somehow wanted to incorporate into Coldstorm, and it's only a small section of the shape that's present at the edge of the map.
You can totaly tell the building housing bombsite B was based off Array

Coldstorm started development a couple of weeks ago and it looked a bit like this...

A few mapping sessions later and it started to look like this...

And then it grew into this...

And now it all goes kaboom ingame.

Included is:
A custom nav (Mostly works-ish)
A custom radar
Custom textures
Some special music
3d skybox
Nobody mentioned the secret room?

Thanks to TopHATTwaffle for most of the custom textures in the map.

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