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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gamebanana D.U.M.B contest entry!

I've been a bit of a disapointment with helping make cp_lapland for a while, and have been busy mapping for Gamebanana's D.U.M.B TF2 mapping contest. The past 4-5 weeks I've been mapping away at cp_groundwork, and it's been pretty difficult at times.

As you can see from the plan below, Groundwork was originaly intended to be a plr map.

However, these past couple of days have been quite stressful. Spending hour after hour trying to figure out why the game crashes if you choose to spawn as RED, whilst watching the deadline of the contest get closer and closer is not fun. With only ~4 hours until the deadline, not wanting to throw away 4-5 weeks of mapping and an entry into the contest, I decided to change it to a very small 5cp map.

Problem now is that it's had no testing as a 5cp map, and I can't imagine a plr map converting to a 5cp map easily without some balance issues. Maybe it will work, it probably won't work too well though. Maybe it has been 4-5weeks of wasted mapping...but at least I have an entry into the competition.

The map has been released as a first beta, and is available to download here.

And de_coldstorm should hopefully be released as final within the next couple of weeks.