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Friday, 9 September 2011

Coldstorm final!!!

A bit later than wanted, but de_coldstorm is now final!

Now includes more bugfixes, a bit more detail, improved nav file, improved radar and soundscapes!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gamebanana D.U.M.B contest entry!

I've been a bit of a disapointment with helping make cp_lapland for a while, and have been busy mapping for Gamebanana's D.U.M.B TF2 mapping contest. The past 4-5 weeks I've been mapping away at cp_groundwork, and it's been pretty difficult at times.

As you can see from the plan below, Groundwork was originaly intended to be a plr map.

However, these past couple of days have been quite stressful. Spending hour after hour trying to figure out why the game crashes if you choose to spawn as RED, whilst watching the deadline of the contest get closer and closer is not fun. With only ~4 hours until the deadline, not wanting to throw away 4-5 weeks of mapping and an entry into the contest, I decided to change it to a very small 5cp map.

Problem now is that it's had no testing as a 5cp map, and I can't imagine a plr map converting to a 5cp map easily without some balance issues. Maybe it will work, it probably won't work too well though. Maybe it has been 4-5weeks of wasted mapping...but at least I have an entry into the competition.

The map has been released as a first beta, and is available to download here.

And de_coldstorm should hopefully be released as final within the next couple of weeks.

Monday, 25 July 2011


No new posts have been made for a while because I have been working on a map for TF2 which is a rather large project set for release this fall. There is a final version of Coldstorm coming soon. The concept for the map is a fairy tale like village setting with Christmas decor, plans for 2 cp stages have been made and an alpha version is nearly there for the first stage.

stage 1 plan

Please comment with any suggestions or ideas...

Monday, 4 July 2011

Coldstorm_rc1 released!

Downlaod the latest version of de_coldstorm from here! Feedback is of course greatly appreciated ;)

Some servers with Coldstorm on YAY! 37041

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Jack: Coldstorm is the second, and most recent collaboration project produced by me and Mikey. The map is a bomb/defuse map, again for Counter Strike: Source and is loosely based on a few different maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The plan was drawn up by myself shortly after we completed Pilko_Estate. I had no real picture of what I thought the map would look like when complete, we just wanted a plan so we could start on a project. I took some inspiration from Stockpile for parts of the warehouse, though the only real reason I say I used inspiration from Stockpile is because of the door, and a couple of detailed areas inside

Another Black Ops map that has any presence in Coldstorm is Array. And again it isn't exactly clear where or why. The centre buildings hexagona
l shape was something I somehow wanted to incorporate into Coldstorm, and it's only a small section of the shape that's present at the edge of the map.
You can totaly tell the building housing bombsite B was based off Array

Coldstorm started development a couple of weeks ago and it looked a bit like this...

A few mapping sessions later and it started to look like this...

And then it grew into this...

And now it all goes kaboom ingame.

Included is:
A custom nav (Mostly works-ish)
A custom radar
Custom textures
Some special music
3d skybox
Nobody mentioned the secret room?

Thanks to TopHATTwaffle for most of the custom textures in the map.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First Post: Us and cs_pilko_estate

Collaboration partner in mapping: Jack (J4CK8)

Experience: Several years mapping experience with Source in TF2, L4D and CS:S.

Existing maps:



Collaboration partner in mapping: Mikey (Mikeypilk)

Experience: Many unfinished attempts at maps, have got a folder full of control points, buildings and half finished maps. Acendia is really aweful and doesnt work properly, I did it years ago. Also interested in composing music for games and making textures.

Existing maps:


Collaboration map 1:


CS_Pilko_estate formerly (cs_mansion)

Mikey: Our first (proper) cooperative venture into the world of mapping in the source engine, although I must confess I probably didn't present my 50% effort in this project, I made a plan and an sketch version of the map I wanted us to make together. Jack said that my initial version was not started properly as I had started detailing the map way to early, He made his version with a revised plan for the map blocking it out using Dev textures. I made a few textures along the way and helped with the playtesting and stuff but hardly did anything towards it really.

Mikey: This is the pic I used for a stimulus, its from some poncy american architect website I just copied the picture into MS paint and drew round it (cause im pro innit.) then i went about sketching it out roughly in hammer. Its a hostage rescue map for counterstrike source.

Jack: I liked the idea, but something bugged me about it in Hammer...I have a feeling it's just me being an a-hole really, but I struggle to work on maps that don't follow a strict plan. I drew up a new plan, keeping some aspects of Mikey's beginings of the map.

To cut a long story short lots of mapping happened and it ended up looking something like this...

There is also totaly not a secret hidden room somewhere in it...Ok there is totaly an awesome secret room somewhere, you should really waste your time trying to find it. It will totaly be worth it to hear the classics of Rick Astley, shame you don't though.